Here you can find an overview of the downloads. It is about
brochures with further product information in PDF format:


x-PRESS: Compression & conversion with encryption of the data


ESR: Universal file processing program for BS2000/OSD


JET-Security BS2000/OSD: Identity- & Accessmanagement for BS2000/OSD


JET-Security Linux/UNIX: Identity- & Accessmanagement for Linux/UNIX


CoSort: Big Data tool for Tranformation, Conversion, Protection, Reporting


Voracity: The only end-to-end data management platform


RowGen: High volume testdata generator for Windows & UNIX/Linux


FieldShield: Data masking & pseudonymization with field-level encryption


NextForm: Data & database migration: convert, replicate, federate, report


CellShield Find PII in any spreadsheet on a computer or in the network


FACT: High Speed Unload Utility for Oracle & IBM DB2 database


Chakra Max: Fast DB-firewall for high-transaction-volume environments


DarkShield: Unstructured Data Search & Security