Superior Database Security

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Asia's #1 DAM/DAP/DDM Solution
Learn how Chakra Max keeps thousands of DB instances protected with activity monitoring, role-based access controls, dynamic data masking, real-time alerts, and audit reporting.

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High Perfomance in High Traffic
Chakra Max can monitor and audit more SQL transactions per second than any other database firewall. Protect one or thousands of instances simultaneously, affordably, and with low-to-no impact.

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Comprehensive Audit Trail
Record all database activity, from connection to log in and from SQL query to execution. Chakra Max's comprehensive logs allow you to analyze trends, generate reports in multiple formats, and reset access policies.

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Chakra Max Use Cases


  • Auto & Truck Parts

    "With 21,000 employees, and sales in more than 180 countries, we chose Chakra Max for its robust DAM/DAP performance and scalability."

  • Communications

    "Chakra Max secures access to our sensitive information in mission-critical customer databases across our mobile services network."

  • HIPAA Covered Entity

    "The dynamic data masking and secure audit log facilities in Chakra Max provide the PHI protection and compliance verification we need."

DCAP without the Impact

Controll Database Access:

Fine tune log in privileges
Define allowable transactions
Block via packets and agents

Cap Execution and Duration:

Persist global SQL policies
Set execution and duration caps
Inform users automatically

Mask Columns Dynamically:

Redact full or partial columns
Expose data selectively
Retain text in source tables

Monitor Database Use:

See user ID & traffic details
Track DB performance
Send real-time alerts

Record & Analyze Activity:

Log pre-defined detail
Search the audit data
Print in 14 formats

Guarantee Log Integrity

Set log access controls
Encrypt & backup the logs
Restore & search deleted logs

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