Chakra Max Features and Benefits

Some of What's Inside & Why You Should Care

Features & Benefits

10K-25K SQL/second audit speed

10X faster than megavendor DAM/DAP

100K SQL/second monitor speed

2.5X faster than megavendor DAM/DAP

Unlimited # of Ports

Installation on any "open systems" hardware

Inline, Procy & TCP reset blocking

Multiple (and hybrid) options; no impact on the DB

Support for 18 on-prem and cloud DBs

Global deployment of a single DCAP standard

Unlimited storage connector support

Can adapt to EMC, Tivoli, and anything else

SQL execution policy wizards

Simple way to define and simulate security rules

Advanced extrusion inspection

Auto-block DB (including injections) and FTP data

Deep SQL understanding

Detailed analysis, nested and DB-specific syntax

Centralized policy management

Set approval, execution, alert, and audit rules once

Dynamic data masking

Redact data in-flight for all but authorized users

Deep log query & policy review

See any activity/timeframe, DB trends, change effects

Drill-down, automated reporting

Pre-select items, group, and assign object aliases

Server connection & results logging

See telnet, FTP, etc. command and SQL output

Audit archive encryption & recovery

Protect log security and integrity