Big Data Manipulation

Fast, Flexible and Affordable Data Management

What is CoSort?


IRI CoSort® is a powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use data transformation package. The world's first sort product off the mainframe, it continues to deliver maximum price-performance and functional versatility for the manipulation of big data sources. CoSort is also the default data processing engine for the IRI Voracity data management platform.

What does CoSort do?


CoSort performs multi-threaded sort/merge operations AND many other high-volume (big data) manipulations separately or in combination. The work it does in self-documenting 4GL job scripts (graphically supported in Eclipse™) helps you speed or leave existing ETL / sort / BI tools, 3GL and SQL programs, as well as Perl, Python, and other scripts.

CoSort Easily Performs, Accelerates, and Combines:

Use CoSort and its powerful 4GL program and Eclipse GUI for:

Perform or speed data warehouse ETL, BI, migration, and batch jobs. Transform, convert, protect, and report on big table and file data with one product, job script, and I/O pass ... and without the need for Hadoop or costly appliances!

Deeper Dive

Learn more about CoSort, how it's used, and why it's better than other data sorting and merging tools and costly legacy suites. Review the data transformation solutions section for additional details.