Big Data Manipulation

Fast, Flexible and Affordable Data Management

Perform or speed data warehouse ETL, BI, migration, and batch jobs.


Transform, convert, protect, and report on big table and file data with one product,

job script, and I/O pass ... and without the need for Hadoop or costly appliances.

The world's first commercial sort package off the mainframe continues to deliver maximum price-performance and functional versatility for manipulating huge files, tables, and other data sources.

IRI CoSort® is not only the world's #1 sort/merge utility, it is also a proven, user-friendly, one-stop "super tool" supported in Eclipse for easily performing, accelerating, and combining:

Big Data Packaging, Protection, and Provisioning

DW Data Integration and Staging

DB Extraction, Transformation, and Loading

File Format and Data Type Conversions

Custom Source/Target Data Mapping

Data Cleansing and Data Quality

Batch, Summary, and Delta (CDC) Reporting

Data Preparation for 3rd-Party BI Tools

Metadata and Master Data Management

Data Masking and Encryption

Use CoSort and its powerful 4GL program and Eclipse GUI for:


Use CoSort to augment - or replace - existing ETL / sort / BI tools, 3GL and SQL programs, or batch and shell (Perl, Python, etc.) scripts.


Explore the tabs in this section, and the linked solution sections above, to learn what makes CoSort the best choice for speed, simplicity, security, and savings, for a wide range of data management activities.