Data-Centric Audit & Protection (DCAP)

Secure PII & Monitor User Activity in Your DBs

"Organizations have experienced an increasing wave of publicized data breaches caused by external hacking, internal malpractice and human error resulting in significant financial liabilities, brand damage and loss of customers."

Gartner Market Guide for Data-Centric Audit and Protection



To protect privacy, sensitive data, need-to-know recipients, and access rights, data asset users and activities must be identified and monitored. Data governance officials, and the IT staff they rely on, need policies to manage, and automated ways to track, these (and related) data issues.


Most data security solutions designed to protect personally identifiable information (PII) are not data-centric, and those that are typically address only one source (e.g. Oracle column encryption), and/or do not provide an adequate range of capabilities for controlling, monitoring, and auditing data access.


Products that do secure data in more sources and offer wider feature sets are very expensive, and hard to learn and maintain.


IRI provides proven Data-Centric Audit and Protection (DCAP) tools to help you identify threats in multiple silos, and address them in ways that nullify breaches, comply with data privacy laws. Ultimately, they help you increase the trust customers have in your ability to secure the PII you gather and process.

In the parlance of Gartner's DCAP Market Guide, IRI is both a Database Audit & Protection (DAP) and a Data Protection (DP) vendor, and even has some capabilities in the File-Centric Audit & Protection (FCAP) and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) categories. 

For database DAP, IRI Chakra Max is a DB firewall package that allows DBAs or their managers to: