Take a Closer Look at Voracity

Inside the Power of the Platform

The default Voracity stack uses IRI Workbench for client-side design of data-driven jobs defined in portable scripts represented in multiple grpahical UIs.


Many of the same jobs also run interchangeably in Hadoop MR2, Spark, Spark Stream, Storm, or Tez.


Voracity metadata and related job script parameters are fully supported in the Workbench data model and optionally in Erwin (AnalytiXDS) Mapping Manager, for graphical creation, modification, and management.

Within the base Voracity package are:

  1. DB, flat-file, and dark data profiling, ERD, and metadata definition wizards
  2. key data processing features of constituent IRI Data Manager products
  3. key data security features of constituent IRI Data Protector products
  4. multiple, re-entrant job design options and execution paradigms
  5. runtime and metadata SDKs for application development
  6. robust GUI help content and CLI reference manuals

More specifically, Voracity includes free use of a rich, familiar front-end job design and management environment called IRI Workbench, built on Eclipse™. Together with Voracity's back-end production engine you can run anywhere, IRI Workbench supports the capabilities of:

  • IRI CoSort for big data manipulation and movement, including EDW integration(ETL) and data preparation for DBs and analytic tools, embedded BI, data quality, metadata and master data management, legacy sort migration, and data governance
  • IRI NextForm for data and DB migration, data replication, remapping, and federation
  • IRI FieldShield for masking PII in files and databases, IRI CellShield EE for Excel®, and IRI DarkShield for unstructured files.
  • IRI RowGen for generating synthetic but realistic file, database, and report test data


Additional capabilities of IRI Workbench include:

  • default and plug-in shell UIs for command line execution and interaction
  • multiple data profiling and metadata discovery and definition wizards
  • metadata management and master data management (MDM)
  • ODA-integration for BIRT (visual analytics) and native source node for KNIME
  • Sirius workflow, transform mapping, and E-R diagrams


Beyond the base edition, premium options include:

  • Erwin ETL conversion | automated job/metadata migration from other ETLtools
  • Erwin Mapping Manager | code-free source-target ETL mapping/flow generation
  • CONNX drivers | move/manipulate mainframe and other proprietary data
  • DataDirect drivers | move/manipulate big data and cloud/SaaS data
  • DW Digest | cloud dashboard for interactive BI
  • IRI FACT | parallel unload of Oracle and 6 other VLDBtablesto files
  • Hadoop runtimes | MapReduce2, Spark, Spark Stream, Storm, and Tez options
  • IRI Chakra Max | DB activity monitoring, auditing & protection (DAM/DAP)

Whether included with the base Voracity package, or installed as partner technology, everything runs in IRI Workbench and leverages the same, open data and manipulation metadata infrastructure for job management and deployment ... inside or outside that GUI.

See the product information matrix to see what's provided at a glance, and review the feature-benefit charts for more details.