Why Chakra Max Is Better

Consider Key Advantages and Differentiators

Evaluating Database Firewalls?


IRIChakra Max is the marketing-leading DB firewall in Asia and a recognized DAM/DAP/DDMtechnology leader by Gartner, the world's top information technology research and advisory company. Learn why Chakra Max is the best firewall for your enterprise databases, too.


Chakra Max is the most stable and best-performing DB monitoring and protection solution for high traffic volume environments, firewallingthousands of DBsat once. At 100KSQL/second monitor speed and 10K-25KSQL/second audit speed, Chakra Max runs faster and with less impact than competing products.

This is why more than 1,000 enterprises, including global banks and government agencies, choose Chakra Max to protect and manage their mission-critical data.


Chakra Max monitors, alerts and controls access and execution privileges at the user level, including all login attempts, transaction commands, and result sets. And it saves the history in a powerful, audit log with real-time search access in the manager application.

Chakra Max performs dynamic data masking without modifying the original database content so that key information in the database is revealed only to authorized users at query time.

Chakra Max supports automated reports from the logs with user-specific criteria. There are 40 default formats to print or save in 14 different file types, plus the ability to customize new reportlayouts.


Chakra Max supports 20 different databases running on Unix, Linux, or Windows platforms, including: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Sybase ASE & IQ, Amazon Aurora & Redshift, PostgreSQL, Teradata, Informix, Tibero, Altibase, Cubrid, and Symfoware.

Chakra Max can directly populate SIEM/SOC tools like IBM QRadar, Splunkand Solarwindswith granular event data in three different ways.

Chakra Max can also be bundled at a discount with other Gartner-featured IRI Data Protector suite tools for PIIdiscovery and static data masking, as well as IRI Voracity -- the award-winning all-in-one data management platform for discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics. 

Chakra Max is supported by IRI, the internationally renown ISVand solution provider behind best-in-class data management and protection software -- and responsive customer support -- since 1978.


Chakra Max complies with internal business policies for securing access to databases, plus the data privacy laws applicable to PII. Strong and flexible auditing facilities provide both real-time alerts and logging, and subsequentforensic investigations of the logs. Database user and usage history -- as well as the actions of the Chakra Max administrator -- are also reliably available for re-evaluating DB user authority and Chakra Max administrator responsibility.

Chakra Max also protects the audit history itself with strong encryption, automatic backups (with resource reporting for those backups), and powerful post-deletion log restoration capabilities.