Accelerate MicroStrategy

Transform Data Outside the BI Layer for Speed

MicroStrategy delivers visual information on cumulative financial performance, strategy management, and business intelligence, typically for analytic purposes. The SortCL program in the IRI Voracity platform or constituent IRI CoSort product transforms disparate, structured data into CSV and other popular 'feed' file formats outside the BI layer.


When SortCL sorts, joins, and aggregates raw datasets in a single job and I/O pass ahead of MicroStrategy, users can get their BI results in half the time.


In a recent benchmark, it took a MicroStrategy user 193 seconds to produce a report requiring sort, join, and aggregate transformations. SortCL ran the same transformations externally in 23 seconds. Its data was available to multiple applications. The same user needed another 77 seconds to run the same report using SortCL data, making the new total runtime 100 seconds.

For more information on the benchmark and how CoSort interacts with MicroStrategy, klick here.