Big Data as a Service

Voracity DLCM in the 2nd Generation Cloud

You Won't Find a Faster, More Affordable BDaaS Solution Than This One!

Announcing IRI Voracity Big Data Software and Services in the Oracle Gen 2 Cloud


Large datasets, popularly known as Big Data, are difficult to manage using traditional computing technologies ... Organizations are finding it difficult to implement these Big Data technologies effectively due to problems such as lack of available expertise.

- Benoy Bhagattjee -


The combination of Big Data technologies and cloud computing platforms has led to the emergence of a new category of technology called Big Data as a Service or BDaaS. Consider the possibilities of a best-of-breed big data management platform atop the next generation cloud service. This is IRI BDaaS.

Early Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) Stack illustration in Emergence and Taxonomy of Big Data as a Service by Benoy Bhagattjee in Semantic Scholar

IRI has been in the world of big data since the company's inception in 1978. Today, the many "Production Analytic Platform" options in IRI Voracity -- from embedded BI to data wrangling to direct feeds into KNIME and Splunk -- provide the increased flexibility and customization that both data scientists and decision makers need to leverage the enormous informational value of big data. See the links throughout this section to get a better understanding of what Voracity can do.

In the 2020 IRI BDaaS offering, Voracity provides the data management (discovery, integration, migration, governance) and analytics contemplated in the diagram above. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides flexible compute and storage shapes managed from a single console.

IRI and Oracle SLAs guarantee availability, manageability, and performance so you can run jobs rapidly and reliably from >30 global regions. They all share the same low-cost structure, green (solar powered) mandate, and comply with international data security standards and privacy laws.

Both OCI and Voracity also support Hadoop implementations when jobs should execute in MapReduce 2, Spark, Spark Stream, Storm or Tez. For example, Cloudera clusters and EDH features are deployed in OCI this way, and Voracity connects to Cloudera this way.


This BDaaS framework also supports: the ability to spin-up elastic high availability Hadoop clusters quickly; Oracle cloud SQL to query big data sources; and, easy expansion of on-premise work into the cloud.


However, if you use another Cloud Service Provider (CSP), it is also possible to run IRI BDaaS. Several companies are already running Voracity-supported IRI CoSort or FieldShield jobs in AWS and Azure.


If you aren't ready to manage those services or these self-service job design options, expert services are available.


Provided atop a turnkey OCI operational stack -- or one built within your CSP environment -- will be custom services available from IRI or its partners in a wide range of uses cases, including: PII anonymization, IoT aggregation, data warehouse ETL, Data Vault prototypes, data lake population, and machine learning.


For more details on the IRI-OCI alliance and this BDaaS offering, contact us!