Faster COBOL Sorting


Speed COBOL Programs Seamlessly



You would like to seamlessly improve your sort performance in an MF COBOL Enterprise Server, Server Express, Net Express, or Workbench environment; i.e., without making any changes to your programs.


You may also want a callable sort utility or API library for embedded data transformation and reporting to offload certain COBOL program bottlenecks.


Drop-in Sort Replacement

IRI's CoSort package includes libraries that hook seamlessly to Micro Focus COBOL on Unix and Windows systems, improving the native sort speeds up to 6 times with no source code changes. View Libraries here.

Callable Acceleration

MF COBOL users can also call CoSort utility programs and APIs to improve sorting, transformation, and reporting performance directly from applications written in MF COBOL. View APIs here.

MFVL, MF-ISAM, and Vision File Handling

CoSort collates, converts, and creates MF COBOL Variable Length records, MF-ISAM, and Vision index file format, to and from other file formats. File Format Conversion details here.

New TabCOBOL Data Type Conversion

CoSort and NextForm tools can also process and convert ACUCOBOL, Micro Focus, and RM COBOL data types (including packed and zoned decimal). Convert between these types and to and from other data types such as ASCII, Numeric and Unicode. Conversions details here.

COBOL Copybook Translation

CoSort leverages your existing metadata and saves time in the creation of SortCL job scripts through a file dictionary (FD) translation utility called 'cob2ddf.' Short for COBOL-to-DDF, this free command line utility converts copybook descriptions into the equivalent data definition file (.DDF) layouts. SortCL Metadata details here.

Incorporate and re-use DDF metadata in: