Reach and Test Teradata Faster


Replicate, Migrate, Populate and Prototype in Eclipse




Teradata is a specialized, high-performance DW database environment that may not always be easy to:

  • Access, for data integration, federation, or reporting
  • Replicate, for database migrations or archival
  • Populate, from disparate sources of data
  • Protect, with differential data masking functions or a firewall
  • Prototype, with structurally and referentially correct test data



Direct access to Teradata tables in the IRI Workbench GUI, built on Eclipse™, allows you to connect in real-time to view and use that data with other sources at the same time. This graphical connection enables IRI product users to view and auto-define Teradata inputs and outputs, and leverage multiple data movement strategies in the same environment.

In all cases, direct input from Teradata is via ODBC, and feeds into Teradata can go through ODBC or bulk FastLoad or MultiLoad operations. IRI Workbench writes Teradata loader configuration files automatically from target metadata associated with your jobs. Click here for more information about the connection.

Transforming and Converting Teradata Tables

IRI CoSort users can include and integrate Teradata data sources during transformation and reporting operations. IRI NextForm (and CoSort) users can convert, federate, and otherwise replicate data in Teradata.

Protecting Data in Teradata

IRI FieldShield (and CoSort) users can find and classify, and then mask, encrypt, pseudonymize, or otherwise protect data in Teradata columns on a table-specific, or cross-table rule application, basis.

Teradata Test Data

IRI RowGen (and CoSort) users in the Workbench can parse Teradata table information to create structurally and referentially correct test data ... without using or masking production data. Click here for more information.

The new IRI Voracity platform includes CoSort, NextForm, FieldShield and RowGen, while also offering data discovery and BI/analytics!