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Save time and money managing or protecting your data with our proven low-code data management and masking software. We combine cutting-edge technology with decades of experience in processing production data across various platforms and industries.


With our software, you can:


• Accelerate large sort and ETL jobs

• Accelerate Database unloads, loads, reorgs, and queries

• Convert and reformat legacy data types, files, and Databases

• Build custom reports, or wrangle data for analytics and AI


• Replace legacy ETL, SQL, and sort jobs

• Search, extract, and restructure unstructured data

• Replicate and capture changed Database data in real time

• Filter, cleanse, enrich, and standardize data


• Classify, discover, and de-identify PII

• Mask data statically, dynamically, or incrementally

• Score PHI re-ID risk and anonymize quasi-identifiers

• Synthesize structurally and referentially correct test data


Benefit from the power and flexibility of the award-winning IRI solutions, advised by analysts and supported by 40 partner offices worldwide. Avoid the steep learning curve and high costs of multi-tool and mega-vendor solutions, and discover the advantages of faster design and run times for your business.


The specific solutions are compatible with all major operating systems, from mainframe (Fujitsu BS2000/OSD, IBM z/OS and z/VSE + z/Linux) to open systems (UNIX & derivatives, Linux + Windows).


Globally recognized since 1978 in the B2B sector: large enterprises, national and international service providers, private, large, state, and federal banks, social and private insurers, as well as German state and federal authorities!

Our long-standing references include German federal and state authorities, social and private insurance companies, state, private and large banks, national and international service providers, medium-sized and large companies. We support over 20.000 installations worldwide. Here you can find an extract of our long-standing references.



With Siemens & Fujitsu


"In BS2000 we have been cooperating for decades" once with the manufacturer Siemens and since the takeover of the IT division with the international Fujitsu Group. This is the only way to react quickly and flexibly to customer requirements in order to be able to offer the greatest possible benefit. The in-house portfolio includes the 3 products x-PRESS, ESR and JET-Security (until 2000 still called LOGON-SECURITY).

  • Compression & conversion
    with encryption of the data



  • File editing program
    for BS2000/OSD


  • Identity- & Accessmanagement
    for BS2000/OSD & Linux/UNIX


Details can be found on the Fujitsu homepage here and on the Fujitsu-partner overview.



With IRI

Since 1993 there has also been a cooperation with the company Innovative Routines International Inc. (IRI) from Florida, USA.


IRI is a quiet, but long-proven, leader in the business of data processing. Our customer base and software stack grew from a powerful data manipulation utility called CoSort, which is still in wide use today. And now, the advanced CoSort engine along with seamless Hadoop options and a free Eclipse front-end buttress a modern data management and security product line, and a versatile data solutions platform.


IRI's primary value proposition as an ISV continues to be affordable speed in volume. That's why the routines in IRI software also do the heavy lifting inside others' jobs and products. That reality wins us accolades and a lot of loyal customers, but has also meant low visibility in boardrooms and magic quadrants, and no visibility on jetways or TV.


As you consider what's important to you, also know that all IRI software shares the same open metadata, plus a familiar, extensible and free Eclipse IDE supporting both:

· Fast Data Management: Data profiling, cleansing, integration, migration, and reporting, plus 3rd-party BI/DB/ETL platform acceleration

· Data-Centric Protection: PII/PHI classification, discovery, and de-identification, plus re-ID risk scoring, and synthetic test data generation


With "speed, ease, versatility, and value" in every IRI product, our users enjoy the fastest and most cost-effective ways to discover, integrate, migrate, govern, and analyze their data, be it big or small, static or streaming, on-premise or in the cloud. And it's only with IRI software that they can do many of these things simultaneously, and without hardware upgrades, multi-tool complexity, or mega-vendor prices.


We have extended our portfolio with the products CoSort, Voracity, NextForm, DarkShield, FieldShield, RowGen, FACT and CellShield. JET-Software GmbH is the only company that owns the German distribution rights for these products. Further information about our partner can be found here.

Voracity, the most comprehensive end-to-end data management platform, includes all the individual solutions listed below! Voracity combines data cleansing, extraction, transformation, load, masking, reporting and even synthetic test data generation in the same job script and multi-threaded I/O pass in your existing file system! Details can be found here.

CoSort: Fastest Manipulation of Big Data

High Performance Data Manipulation

Why is CoSort the best engine for DW transformation, DB loads, BI data preparation, and application acceleration? Decades of proven power, affordability, and reliability.
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Save on Time, Costs, and CPU
CoSort's simple metadata and parallel engines speed job design and information delivery. Sort, join, aggregate, and load 10x faster than SQL and 6x faster than ETL tools. Do more in one pass and pay less.
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Simplify Job Design and Deployment
With CoSort's GUI built on Eclipse™, you can create and manage JCL/SQL-based 4GL job scripts. Easily modify and run those command-line jobs from the GUI, in batch, a Voracity or your ETL flow, etc.
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FACT: Very Fast Database Unloading

Accelerate Data Acquisition
FACT speeds unloads up to 7x with parallel query technology. Performance scales linearly in volume, allowing you to extract billions of rows in minutes.

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Many DBs, One Unloader
FACT works with Oracle, MySQL, DB2 UDB, Sybase, SQL Server, et al. Create simple job scripts by hand, or automatically in the IRI Workbench GUI, built on Eclipse™.

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Data Ready for Everyone

FACT produces flat files that any application can use. Plug into and feed ETL operations and offline reorgs, archive your data, migrate your databases, and more.
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RowGen: Generator of smart test data

Test Data for Everyone
RowGen automatically builds and populates massive DB, file, and report targets with structurally and referentially correct test data - in minutes, not hours.

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Safe Test Data that Looks Real
Stop relying on confidential production data. And masked data may not be realistic or robust enough. RowGen uses your metadata and business rules to make better test data.

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Cover Every Scenario
RowGen-created test data improves DB/ETL prototypes and applications. Use its high quality, high volume targets to stress-test and future-proof your platforms and solutions.
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NextForm: Data & Database Migration

Unlock the Buiness Value of Application Data
NextForm frees your data, programs, and databases from legacy formats and vendor lock-ins. More data versatility means more usability.
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Repurpose Your Data
NextForm modernizes file formats so they can be used in new applications. It also replicates DB data, remaps data types and record layouts, and creates federated views to speed insights.
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Higher Performance & Lower Cost
NextForm also gives you the opportunity to cull data as you move it, speeding I/O and reducing storage. Slash 75% off design and run time with point-and-click field mapping that help you control your data with ease.
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FieldShield: Data-Centric Security + field-level encryption

Profile and Protect Data at Risk
Nullify data breaches by masking PII in your DBs and files. Automatically find and classify it, then encrypt, pseudonymize, redact, and more while preserving its referential integrity.

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Comply with Data Privacy Laws
FieldShield de-identifies data subject to CIPSEA, DPA, FERPA, GDPR, GLBA, HIPAA, PCI, POPI, etc. It also helps you verify compliance via XML audit logs and re-identification risk scores.

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Protect Data throughout its Lifecycle
Secure your data at every stage by applying FieldShield functions in IRI Voracity operations. Anonymize during data integration (ETL), federation, replication, testing, and analytics.

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DarkShield: Unstructured Data Search & Security

Discover, Deliver & Delete PII
Find sensitive data in unstructured sources. Produce the search results and attendant metadata in a structured file for further use while simultaneously redacting the PII to comply with GDPR's data portability and right to be forgotten requirements.
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Local & LAN-Wide Protection
Whether your sensitive information is on your system or throughout your network, DarkShield keeps you safe. The Dark Data Discovery wizard finds PII and other critical information in multiple unstructured files at once.
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Generate Audit-Ready Reports
DarkShield automatically produces search results and associated file attributes in a format and environment ready for analysis and auditing. Use the flat file and metadata to query the log and customize information display for privacy law compliance.
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CellShield: Reporting & Masking of PII in Excel®

Keep PII & PHI Safe
CellShield protects the sensitive information in your Microsoft Excel® 2010, 2013, and 2016 spreadsheets, allowing you to comply with data privacy laws. Point-and-click to protect your columns with reversible and non-reversible masking functions.

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PC and Enterprise Editions
CellShield keeps your data secure, whether you have one sheet or one million. Search and secure data with intuitive dialogs, use parallel search methods to find and report PII across the LAN, and protect it all at once.

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Built on Trusted Technology
CellShield's core technology is built on the award-winning IRI FieldShield data masking product for databases and flat files. Data masked in one platform can be revealed in another.
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In 1996 JET-Software became a member of SICUS e.V., a user association for products, solutions and services of technical communication and information providers.

Further information about this association can be found here.




With Fujitsu NEXT

In 2012 JET-Software became a active member of Fujitsu NEXT e.V. This association "expert network" is a platform for the open exchange of experience between Fujitsu users, Fujitsu experts, Fujitsu partner companies and IT experts from science and research. As a Fujitsu partner, JET-Software is represented several times a year in various working groups in Europe.

You are welcome to visit a conference as part of a free and non-binding trial participation, further information can be found here.