IRI DarkShield

Discover, Deliver, and Delete PII in Dark Data

Got Dark Data?


Up to 90% of collected or generated corporate and government data remains hidden in unstructured text and image files, documents and NoSQL DBs, or other so-called dark data repositories. To mitigate the legal, financial, and reputational risk of exposing personally identifiable information (PII) in these often obscure sources, and to comply with data privacy laws like the GDPR, you need a way to rapidly locate and secure the PII in them.


From the makers of the award-winning IRI FieldShield and CellShield data masking software in the IRI Data Protector suite and IRI Voracity platform comes IRI DarkShield, a compatible new product for the discovery, delivery, de-identification and detailing of PII and other sensitive data in unstructured files.


IRI DarkShield represents a breakthrough in unstructured data masking technology, speed, usability, and affordability. DarkShield consolidates and multi-threads the search, extraction, remediation,  and reporting of PII in multiple file formats and folders on your network or in the cloud. DarkShield combines the best of IRI data masking, proven search technologies, and Eclipse™ to provide a single, user-friendly interface for running everything at once or in scheduled steps. And, as usual, IRI makes this solution affordable through flexible licensing options based on source volume, license duration and other features needed.

Product Summary

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