BI & Analytic Logic

Show Detail, Summary and Statistical Output

Following are some of the basic reporting capabilities of all IRI software products using SortCL metadata. The reports can be formatted in custom layouts and are just optional targets in the same job script and I/O pass as the core engine functions (transformation, masking, migration, generation).




Condition Logic

Record filtering and field evaluation

Input data reduction via selection and de-duplication, and output segmentation

Field Remapping

Re-size, re-cast, and re-position fields

Integrate data sources into unified report formats

File Reformatting

Create, collate, and convert 20+ formats

Acquire, migrate, and handle data from other platforms

Type Conversion

Translate between > 120 data types

Example: convert numeric values to currency


Sort, join, and select to capture and group

Customer data integration (CDI) and segmentation


Inter-record count, total, average, min, max, and multiply

Drill-down, roll-up, and windowed aggregates for billing, ranking, etc.


Intra-record expressions (math, trig, derived functions)

Billing, business intelligence, analytics, and fraud detection


Perl-compatible (PCRE)

Pattern matching, find and replace, etc.


In-string (INSTR), format masking, length functions, etc.

Granular formatting and re-casting options


Substitute and fuzzy logic values

Discrete value display and trend reporting / predictive analytics