BI & Analytic Logic

Show Detail, Summary and Statistical Output

Following are some of the basic reporting capabilities of all IRI software products using SortCL metadata, inclding CoSort, FieldShield, NextForm, and RowGen -- and the Voracity data management and ETL platform which includes them. The reports can be formatted in custom layouts and are just optional targets in the same job script and I/O pass as the core engine functions (transformation, masking, cleansing, migration, generation, etc.).




Condition Logic

Record filtering and field evaluation

Input data reduction via selection and de-duplication, and output segmentation

Field Remapping

Re-size, re-cast, and re-position fields

Integrate data sources into unified report formats

File Reformatting

Create, collate, and convert 20+ formats

Acquire, migrate, and handle data from other platforms

Type Conversion

Translate between > 120 data types

Example: convert numeric values to currency


Sort, join, and select to capture and group

Customer data integration (CDI) and segmentation


Inter-record count, total, average, min, max, and multiply

Drill-down, roll-up, and windowed aggregates for billing, ranking, etc.


Intra-record expressions (math, trig, derived functions)

Billing, business intelligence, analytics, and fraud detection


Perl-compatible (PCRE)

Pattern matching, find and replace, etc.


In-string (INSTR), format masking, length functions, etc.

Granular formatting and re-casting options


Substitute and fuzzy logic values

Discrete value display and trend reporting / predictive analytics