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Search & Secure Unstructured Files

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IRI Data Masking Software in 2018 Market Guide:
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DBTA Magazine Names IRI DarkShield a 2019 Trend-Setting Product: Learn Why

Discover, Deliver & Delete PII

Find sensitive data in unstructured sources through multiple techniques at once. Produce the search results and attendant metadata in a structured file for further use, and simultaneously redact the PII to comply with GDPR's data portability and right-to-be-forgotten provisions.

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Local & LAN-Wide Protection

Whether the PII is on your system or throughout your network, DarkShield keeps you safe. The Dark Data Discovery wizard finds sensitive information in multiple unstructured files in multiple directories and drives, all at once.

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Generate Audit-Ready Reports

Query and display DarkShield search and remediation results in its built-in, interactive dashboard. Or, use IRI CoSort, BIRT, or your RDB in Eclipse. Or, export its log data and customize the information display in SIEM tools like Splunk ES, shown here.
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Search PII

Separates or combines -- and saves for modification and reuse -- PII discovery, extraction, redaction, and reporting operations: Learn more

Masking functions

Supports multiple data masking functions, including (format-preserving) encryption, hashing, pseudonymization, and randomization: Learn more

Finding named entities

Leverages named-entity recognition (NER), machine-learning and natural language processing for finding named entities in context: Learn more

Consolidates searches

Allows lookup value, pattern definition and NER model reuse and combinations, which consolidates searches and saves time: Learn more

Right-to-be forgotten

Marries multiple right-to-be forgotten and data portability requests in find/fix operations, matching against specified or listed names: Learn more

Maximum search

Works across multiple drives, nodes, and threads for maximum search and remediation performance in volume: Learn more

Same Eclipse job

Operates in the same Eclipse job design and metadata environment, IRI Workbench, with IRI Voracity data governance and managemen: Learn more

Licensing options

Features affordable licensing options (standalone, bundled, or free in IRI Voracity): Learn more