Voracity Job Design

Does Your Platform Have 6 Options?

Through its Workbench graphical IDE, built on Eclipse®, IRI Voracity® offers

more job design and development options than any other tool!



To design, run, and manage IRI Voracity jobs for:

  • big data warehouse ETL or ELT
  • data/DB migration or replication
  • data quality improvement, or data unification/MDM
  • VLDB unloads, external transforms, reorgs, or loads
  • static data masking or synthetic test data generation
  • reporting or federation


you can choose to work in and between six re-entrant job design modes ... all in the same Eclipse GUI, IRI Workbench:

  1. syntax-aware script or form editors with dynamic outlines
  2. purpose-driven new job creation (script generation) wizards
  3. help-enabled graphical dialogs and form editors to modify parameters
  4. the modern Sirius workflow and mapping diagram palette (see below)
  5. the Erwin (formerly AnalytiX DS) Mapping Manager for spreadsheet-style mappings*
  6. a Java API to feed or consume Voracity job metadata from your applications


Having your data and job metadata modeled in EMF, changes you make in any one interface will be reflected in another so you can use and move between any Voracity work style!


And if you need to develop and/or run database, Java or MapReduce code -- or  Python, Perl or other shell scripts -- remember you're in Eclipse! That means that SQL design and execution features, multiple text editors, WickedShell, and other plug-ins for KNIME, R, CDT, et al are all at your fingertips in this same pane of glass.

Batch-ready transform mapping and ETL work flows diagrammed in the IRI Workbench, built on Eclipse.™

* Use Erwin Mapping Manager with Voracity to create XML ETL flow code in the cloud and import it directly into IRI Workbench for immediate use. IRI software is more tightly coupled for ETL and test data use with AnalytiX DS metadata automation technology than with any other ETL vendor. This compatibility also means the converting legacy ETL tool mappings to Voracity is also more or less automatic!