Data Masking as a Service

We'll Find the PII and Protect It for You

Data Masking as a Service (DMaaS)


Data may be the most important asset your company owns. It describes customers, products, transaction  histories, and everything else that you run and plan in your business. This data can be in databases, files, spreadsheets, Hadoop, and cloud platforms. And in each case, it probably isn't as secure as it should be.

  • 9 Billion

    Records lost or stolen

  • 5 ½ Million

    Records lost every day

  • 64 Records

    Lost every second

Since 2013, according to Breach Level Index

Only 4% of these breaches were secure breaches where encrypted data was compromised or stolen.

IRI's Data Masking as a Service can beat even those odds. Our team and technologies can find and protect sensitive data in whatever silos you have ... on premise or in the cloud.

With IRI DMaaS, you can minimize risk and cost because you only pay for the data you need protected. We can do all, or some, of the work to find, classify, and mask that data. And we'll provide your auditors with the logs to verify your data was protected and now complies with privacy laws.


Relax knowing your data is secure. No specialized in-house employees or headaches. Just complete the form below and let's talk about how you'd like to protect your data at risk.


Quick Benefits Overview

  • Data discovery and classification
  • PII masking per business & DB rules
  • Cost-effective cross-platform protection
  • No long-term contracts or employees
  • XML audit logs to verify compliance
  • Cloud and on-premise delivery options

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How IRI DMaaS Works


Step 1: We agree under NDA terms to find, classify, analyze, and report on the sensitive, at-risk data in these sources. We'll discuss an initial cost estimate then hone it with you during data discovery.

Step 2: Transfer the unprotected data to a secure on-premise or cloud-based staging area. Then we'll use the tools in the award-winning IRI Data Protector suite to mask your data according to your business rules, and on either a recurring or ad hoc basis.

Step 3: Our experts move your newly-masked data to a non-production environment. From here, the data is safe for your analytic initiatives, development, testing, or training. Tell us if you need additional services, like risk scoring (expert determination) of the de-identified data.

This approach provides the benefits of a proven data masking solution without the need to learn and license a software product from scratch. If you do want to license an in-house copy, you can at a discount, and have everything pre-configured for easier long-term use and modification.

Please use the form below to initiate a dialog with us. We would be happy to exchange information with, and provide options for, you.

Risk Scoring

In addition to Data Masking as a Service, IRI also offers Risk Scoring as a Service (RSaaS). Also available is three hour, five-part HIPAA Data SHM/EDM Compliance course. This course covers:

  • PHI Discovery & De-Identification
  • Re-Identification Risk Scoring
  • Expert Determination
  • PHI Generalization
  • Compliance Certification, Breach Insurance, and Breach Claim Defense