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Common Challenges in BI & Analytics

In your quest to turn huge sets of data into actionable business intelligence (BI), consider these issues:


The bigger the data, the longer it takes to prepare and present information. BI, ETL and newer data blending tools can not integrate or stage data sets that exceed memory, and require large servers ir appliance, in-memory DBs, or even Hadoop.


What if you could easily leverage a proven big data preparation engine at reporting time that runs indentically in your file system or HDFS?


When IT integrates data for business users, report results can suffer. DW ETL activites and data service deliverables may reflect wrong or duplicate data sources, values, formats, and types. The disconnect comes from their disparate missions, methods, and platforms.


What if business and IT users could easiliy identify, validate, cleanse, and normalize (homogenize/standardize) all the sources of data that feed the reports or stock the data lake?


Trying to manage the variety of data formats from different silos and feeds often takes several tools, and even specialized techniques from multipe people. Time to roll-out, and time-to-value, lags at inception and troughout the use of disparate platforms controlled by IT.


Encryption, pseudonymization, and other data masking functions that are needed to comply with data privacy regulations usually require other software products and/or processing steps.

What if field-level security functions could be applied directly at reporting or data preperation time?


Big data preperation (ETL) tools and hardware (Hadoop) technologies - as well as most sophisticated BI and data blending platforms - are expensive to acquire, implement, configure, and maintain.


What if you oly needed one product supported in a free Eclipse GUI that provided everything you needed to report directly with built-in tools or rapidly prepare data for your own?


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Integrated data in the BI layer is not only sloe (or impossible) given the volume, variety, velocity and veracity of data today, but their internal data integration operations are inherently complex, require repetition, and create data synchronization issues.


Centralized data preperation on the other handresolves those issues, allows you to manage changes to source data in one place, and creates better data targets ready for multiple reports.

What's Your Approach?

Reliable business intelligence and faster analytics are two of the biggest headaches for IT managers and data scientists. A whole industry of complex (and costly) ETL and data blending tools has arisen to help them munge and mine data faster.

Meanwhile, IRI (The CoSort Company) and JET-Software have been rapidly and affordably integrating, transforming, cleansing, and masking big data for BI and analytics for enterprises worldwide since 1978. In those days, staging data for the benefit of BI was called data franchising. Today we continue to excel at high-performance data preparation, wrangling, blending, or whatever you want to call it.

And because our customers' analytic needs and reporting tools vary, the IRI Voracity platform supports multiple ways to deliver information from the data that its CoSort or Hadoop engines prepare. In fact, only IRI customers can leverage any - or all - of these approaches from the same data preparation and presentation environment built on Eclipse:

Embedded BI

IRI's embedded reporting capabilities allow you to drive BI results on big data as you transform it. The built-in formatting capabilities let you capture the value of information seamlessly and in the shortest amount of time.

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BIRT Integration

The Business Intelligence Reporting Tool (BIRT) is a free data visualization tool in Eclipse. IRI uses BIRT's ODA API and the CoSort engine in Voracity to combine data preparation and presentation in real-time.

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Splunk Integrations

Put Splunk into overdrive. IRI's free Splunk add-on for Voracity simultaneously indexes big or dark data from Voracity. Cleans, transform, and mask your data going as you feed it into Splunk!

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Cloud Dashboard

See and learn more with a modern dashboard inside the IRI Workbench GUI or your browser. Visualize and interact with data you can transform, cleanse and mask in Voracity. Prepare anywhere and see information everywhere.

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Your Analytic Tool

Stop trying to transform, clean, and mask data in slow BI, DB, ETL, and specialty data blending software. Click on your tool below to see how you can discover and prepare data in Voracity - with the proven performance of CoSort or Hadoop engines - and get clean, compliant subsets your tool can use to render displays up to 20X faster: