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Master Data Quality and Security



Master Data is information about products, customers, store locations, and other common information. It's also the information in code and reference tables that many systems use. Stored in special tables, master data is used in the primary keys of data tables across your systems, and in defining and executing modeling, migration, and cleansing rules.


Master Data is data that is most likely to need data quality attention. Because it is key to so many systems and processes, poor quality Master Data can have a ripple effect across all your systems. Many companies therefore focus their data quality efforts here.


Because Master Data is proprietary information for most companies, it is also most likely to need field-level security (data masking). This may be especially true if your company plans to centralize its MDM operations.


The SortCL program used in the IRI Voracity data management platform or standalone IRI CoSort product can help you scrub and standardize master data elements (field names and attributes) that you have defined in database tables and flat files. Produce reports to identify changes and condition-based anomalies. Transform and reformat the master data itself, and provide new, reusable metadata for your master data in SortCL's simple syntax and repositories.

Also use SortCL to quickly perform basic data quality tasks -- like duplicate and value-based filtering. SortCL's support for custom field-level transformation libraries allows you to exploit third-party data quality tool functions (like Trillium or Melissa Data). Integrate best-of-breed data cleansing functions directly into the above operations.

Because Master Data is often confidential, it may need the field-level protections that both SortCL and IRI FieldShield (data masking) offer. At the same time you transform and scrub, for example, have SortCL to encrypt or mask master data at risk.

Use IRI software to manage, cleanse, define, transform, and secure Master Data. Generate a complete audit trail at the same time to help you monitor and verify these operations.

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