Big, Safe, Smart Test Data


Realism through Data Masking, Synthesis, or Both

Synthesize Smart Test Data & Provision It Your Way

Do you need an easier way to:

  • create test databases with referential integrity
  • simulate and share file and report layouts
  • quality-control and stress-test applications
  • benchmark new hardware and software
  • conduct data warehouse ETL testing or Data Vault testing
  • put ananymized datasets online for offshore developers

using your data models and metadata, and either with or without using production data?

You need a smart test data anonymization tool. Table views, index orders, key relationships, and file and report contents, must reflect reality to be useful in testing. Generating realistic values and formats with synthetic data in ideal ranges -- and populating large targets -- can take a long time with other tools or programs.


With the IRI RowGen product or IRI Voracity platform, you can generate multiple test data targets for test database loads, flat-file structures, and custom report formats from scratch -- all without access to real data. Or if you want to use and anonymize, subset, or otherwise mask real data for production or on-demand or virtualized testing scenarios, you can do that in IRI Voracity or with the IRI FieldSield product, too!

We offer four methods for producing anonymous but intelligent test data in referentially correct database, flat-file, semi-structured file, formatted report, and even unstructured file targets:

Database or file synthesis

DB or file synthesis (via random data generation or selection) in IRI RowGen.

Prod or test data masking

Prod or test data masking in IRI FieldShield, CellShield EE, or DarkShield.

RDB table subsetting and masking

RDB table subsetting and masking using RowGen or FieldShield.

Any combination of the above

Any combination of the above techniques in Voracity (which includes all).

Data Masking Capabilities

Use any of the static data masking software products available in the IRI Data Protector Suite, or included free in the IRI Voracity platform:

  • IRI FieldShield for structured files and databases
  • IRI DarkShield for structured sources as well as many semi-structured and unstructured data sources
  • IRI CellShield for Excel spreadsheets

to discover (profile, search, and classify), de-identify (encrypt, pseudonymize, blur, redact, etc.), data in production systems and replicate it anonymized in lower dev, test and QA environments.

Data Synthesis Capabilities


RowGen can create structurally and referentially correct test data for every popular RDBMS with defined constraints, plus test data in custom report layouts or popular file/feed formats like these:


RowGen randomly generates field values in more than 100 data types. It can also randomly select data from set files at the field level. That, along with custom/compound data values, value ranges, and distributions, improve test data realism.


Support for standard and complex data transformations, set files, and conditional selection also contribute to RowGen's value in simulating production table and file formats for a variety of applications.


For database users, RowGen leverages the DDL information for Oracle, DB2 UDB, SQL Server, Sybase, Teradata, and other platforms to create realistic tables with structural and referential integrity. Use RowGen to populate an entire test enterprise data warehouse (EDW) or Data Vault 2.0 environment.


If you use IRI Voracity, you can use its included RowGen synthesis and FieldShield data masking capabilities to find, classify, subset, and mask data, and integrate that data for static development use in lower environments or virtual use in live testing environments.


Consider our test data management advice as you scope out your requirements and plan your strategy, and see these links for more information on using safe test data for: