Built-In BI Capabilities

Custom Detail, Summary and Data Warehouse

Fast, Easy Big Data Reporting

One of the key built-in (embedded) capabilities in all IRI data management products is report generation.


"The opportunity is to reduce the data storage and management costs of multiple near-copies of data through the use of a more sophisticated, highly integrated, and high-speed data delivery environment." - Dr. Barry Devlin, 9sight Consulting


Reporting is typically done through SortCL programs in the IRI Voracity platform or IRI CoSort product. Its users performing big data transformations can also generate one or more custom-formatted detail and summary reports in the same job script and I/O pass; i.e., they run BI directly with ETL! And because IRI NextForm (data/DB migration), IRI FieldShield (data masking) and IRI RowGen (test data) also leverage SortCL capababilities, they too can generate many of the same kinds of reports using the same metadata while they also do what they do.


Structured data (database or flat file) sources are well supported, as are many forms of semistructured and unstructured data. There are no limits on the number of sources or targets. See this list of supported data sources, and this diagram characterizing the flow of data.


Define report specifications in a text editor, or wizards in the Eclipse GUI for all IRI software, IRI Workbench. Run reports from the command line, batch scripts, the GUI, or applications (as a system or API call).

The Benefits of Embedded BI

Get reporting with high-performance data integration, data migration, data masking and test data generation at the same time by formatting your targets in the same job script and I/O pass.

Get most of the same data manipulation and reporting features of SQL and ICE-TOOL, but with more speed, simplicity, and interoperability. Simultaneously visualize analyzed data with BIRT or Splunk, and prepare data for cubes or other BI and analytic tools.

What else?

  • high velocity in high volume, allowing on-the-fly what-if integration-to-report iterations
  • support for any number of sources and targets
  • multi-target and layout customization flexibility
  • extensive data transformation (sort, join, aggregate, cross-calc, pivot, etc.) and formatting functions
  • creation in the same job script and I/O pass with transformation, migration, and/or field-level protection
  • syntax simplicity, even for complex derived field and statistical functions
  • functional extensibility (leverage Boost libraries for linear regression, etc.)
  • graphical job creation and interactive job script editing
  • platform portability for script design and execution
  • report version control and team sharing in Eclipse

What Other Reports Can I Produce?

Beyond detail and summary reports, run:

  • pivot transforms to re-map and de/normalize data
  • change data capture (CDC) reports
  • customer data integration (CDI) and segmentation
  • predictive graphs using fuzzy lookup logic, conditions, and regression
  • clickstream analytics (data webhouse)
  • fixed or streaming IoT device data aggregates
  • slowly changing dimension (SCD) reports

And If I Need More Capability?

If you also need:

  • advanced data visualization and drill-down
  • dashboards and knowledge performance indicators (KPI)
  • knowledge management or knowledge mapping
  • data mining and predictive analytics

Activities in IRI software help third-party analytic & BI tools visualize your data faster. Or, run IRI data preparation jobs seamlessly with BIRT reports you design in the IRI Workbench GUI, built on Eclipse.

* IRI's FieldShield (data masking), NextForm (data migration), and RowGen (test data generation) products are spin-offs of the CoSort SortCL program and included capabilities in the Voracity platform. For that reason, they can produce the same kinds of custom report layouts.