Compliant Test Data


Develop and Outsource According to Data Privacy Laws



You need to test with, or help others test with, realistic data. But the actual elements of production data are sensitive, subject to data privacy laws, or otherwise classified. The data may not even exist yet.


You are concerned about public confidence in your company's data privacy policies. And you need to comply with existing and future data privacy laws, especially if you rely on external solution providers.


According to at least one lawmaker, the growing outsourcing trend threatens to undermine medical and financial privacy protections that consumers and legislators have fought hard to achieve:


"Privacy issues until now have mostly been in the U.S., but I think people are not aware of how much of their information is going outside the United States. I can't monitor medical information after it is sent overseas, but I can do something about it in the state."

California state senator Liz Figueroa


In addition to sensitive medical data, information shipped to foreign workers can include bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, stock holdings and credit card numbers -- all valuable information to identity thieves.


Solutions are needed to protect this data -- or simulate it through realistic test data -- so exposure of personally identifiable information (PII) is impossible.



IRI software will:

  • Put safe, realistic test data into test databases, files, and reports


  • Protect fields in production tables and files

IRI RowGen test data software allows third-parties to create intelligent, referentially correct test data in the same formats you use in production, without having to access or mask your production data. The same is true of flat file and report formats needed for development; RowGen will populate any sequential file or structured report with realistic test data without masking.

IRI FieldShield data masking software applies auditable, field-level encryption, de-identification, and other security functions to PII, at rest or in motion.

The IRI Voracity data management platform or the IRI CoSort data manipulation package -- and their SortCL program in particular -- include the functions of both RowGen and FieldShield. SortCL also transforms, migrates, replicates, reports, and speeds bulk database loads. SortCL marries data processing and protection to minimize performance bottlenecks and risks at the same time.

Simulate and share production-quality data outside the firewall without exposing PII. Comply with GLBA, HIPAA HITECH, PCI DSS, PIPEDA, the European Data Privacy Directive, and other data privacy protection laws.