Micro Focus Variable Length Files


Convert, Process and Protect COBOL Data


Short and long variable length records in Micro Focus COBOL are in file formats that many applications cannot import or process.

You may also need to process this data directly and retain its format, or convert it to another file format, or to a structured (sequential) file format, like CSV, XML, or LDIF.


IRI delivers Micro Focus Variable Length (MFVL), ISAM, and other file conversion functionality across its product line:

MFVL File Conversion Only

IRI NextForm converts short and long-form MicroFocus Variable Length (MFVL) files into popular file formats (like CSV, XML, text, etc.), or from the additional formats above into MFVL. NextForm also supports MF and other COBOL data types, plus the remapping of record layouts (e.g., fixed to delimited).

MFVL File Processing & Conversion

The SortCL program in IRI CoSort can convert, transform, protect, and report on the data in MFVL files. Use SortCL to sort, join, aggregate, integrate, reformat, protect, or produce BI from COBOL data sets off the mainframe.

MFVL File Protection (Field & Record Level)

CoSort (SortCL) and IRI FieldShield can safeguard data in MFVL files with field-level encryption, masking, de-identification, and other routines, based on the nature of the data and the recipient of the file. Both produce audit-ready XML logs from their operations to verify compliance with data privacy laws.

COBOL Test Data

Do you need test files in MFVL formats? IRI RowGen uses the same layout metadata as CoSort (SortCL) and NextForm so you can easily move between test data generation and real data transformation.