Master Data

Define, Control and Leverage Unique Reference Values

Master data, sometimes called reference data, is critical business data that comes from and supports transactional data, but it is not usually transactional in nature.


Master data is supposed to be the enterprise or industry standard for data that represents slowly-changing aspects of the business:


Master Data Category

Possible Entities

Sample Data


clients, employees, shareholders, vendors, partners

"John Q. Smith, Sr."


HQ address, subsidiaries, backup sites, divisions

"2194 Highway A1A"


business units, cost centers, price lists, org charts

"2014Q1 Table of Accounts"


goods, services, suites, packages, promotions

"CoSort 9.5.3 Software"


industry/domain-standard UPCs, SKUs, etc.

"UPC-E 234569"


The IRI Voracity data management platform and subset products supported in IRI Workbench (Eclipse IDE), allow you to:

master data and master metadata in relational and flat-file repositories. See the current master data management activites Voracity supports here.