Report Formatting

Customize the Layouts of Your Targets

In addition to the general reporting capabilities in IRI software, there are specific layout features you can use to customize the information display:




Layout Features

Header/footer formatting, records-per-page, etc.

Multi-line, multi-page reporting

Shell Values

Leverage environment and internal variables

Insertion of automatic system (e.g., timestamp) values in reports

HTML Support

Embed W3C metadata to create web-ready reports

Web-enabled Business Intelligence (BI)

Field Padding

Byte shifting, alignment and fill features

Custom formatting of value display


CSV or XML export feeds advanced BI tools

Data preparation (data franchising) to optimize third-party BI

User Exits

Custom input, compare and/or output procedures

Special source data (e.g., CDRs, ) and target formats

Complex Transforms

Field-level, external library functions

Statistical and other complex data manipulation

Composite Data (Templates)

Define, compare, and re-map (mask) dates and other data structures

New values and formats, MDM/standardization, and element value calculation

Character & Form Validation

'iscompare' routines and data structure templates

Data quality, data type verification, and display of new format masks