IRI Voracity Platform

Discover, Integrate, Migrate, Govern, Analyze

The Power of the Platform


IRI Voracity is the only end-to-end software platform for fast, affordable, and ergonomic data lifecycle management. Voracity combines data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics in a single pane of glass, built on Eclipse™.


"The future of successful analytics systems and insights is in a fully collaborative environment and architectural framework that enables information exchange and sharing among architects, data scientists, developers, the user experience, application tuning, and performance."

- IBM -


Through its revolutionary convergence of capability and its wide range of job design and runtime options, Voracity bends the multi-tool cost, difficulty, and risk curves away from megavendor ETL packages, disjointed Apache projects, and specialized software. Voracity uniquely delivers the ability to perform data:

· profiling and classification

· integration and federation

· cleansing and enrichment

· unification and validation

· masking and encryption

· reporting and preparation

· subsetting and testing


Voracity runs on-premise, or in the cloud. You can manage all or part of it, including available BDaaS options.

Total Data Management


Powered by CoSort or Hadoop and front-ended in Eclipse™, Voracity delivers the outcomes that businesses need, the consolidation that IT wants, and the affordability the C-suite loves.

Powered by CoSort and Hadoop, Voracity offers superior data movement speed, data-centric security, and savings for CDOs, CISOs, DBAs, data warehouse architects, and data scientists. You can also export and call jobs built in Voracity to speed existing BI, DB, and ETL platforms.

The unity and simplicity of job design and deployment in Voracity's shared metadata and Eclipse™ IDE mean that IT and BI users can collaborate on the analytic goals of digital business. Smart users can even consolidate data transformation, cleansing, masking, and reporting in one I/O.

Voracity addresses the volume, variety, velocity, veracity, and value challenges in turning big data into actionable information. Voracity leverages the proven performance of the CoSort SortCL program -- or optional Hadoop engines -- for moving, manipulating, masking, and munging structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Use Voracity to build new solutions and applications that require -- and replace separate tools for -- data profiling, integration (ETL), cleansing (data quality), data/DB migration, masking, blending, change data capture, replication, reporting, subsetting, test data, and more. Click here to begin diving into all Voracity can do.

See the tabs in this section for more information, and this preview of Voracity's data flow:

Multiple Hadoop processing alternatives, big data and cloud/SaaS source/target connections, and an iPaaS option are alaso available. That means scalability and interoperability with every hardware and software environment, in both legacy and digital applications, on-premise or in the cloud.

Through IRI's strategic partnership with erwin (formerly AnalytiX DS), users of legacy ETL packages and SQL procedures can migrate their jobs automatically to IRI Voracity work flows.

Current Hadoop users can seamlessly leverage Voracity capabilities in whole or part. And through IRI's free "Gulfstream" JAR for XML-flow-metadata integration, application developers and ISVs can participate in the Voracity ecosystem.