Clerity Mainframe (Sort) Rehosting


JCL Sorts Migrate to CoSort in UniKix BPE and TPE



As you move from the mainframe into "open systems," you may be working with Clerity's Mainframe Rehosting Solutions team (now part of Dell). One of the components of your migration will likely be the sort package. You need a solution for JCL sort step conversion, VSAM file processing, related data transformation, and reporting services running in Unix or Windows.



IRI's CoSort product is part of the Clerity Mainframe Reference Architecture, as well as a long-proven solution for sort migration (including automatic JCL parm conversion) and application modernization.

Thanks to close collaboration with Clerity and its predecessors, you can leverage the power of CoSort directly within the UniKix Batch Processing Environment (UniKix BPE) and UniKix Transaction Processing Environment (UniKix TPE).

The CoSort packages includes free MVS or VSE sort parm translation tools to create JCL-equivalent job scripts ready for use in CoSort's Sort Control Language (SortCL) program. These translators also map the JCL commands for other legacy sort/merge software functions like: record selection, field reformatting, summing, de-duplication, and data type conversion.

Beyond the "lift and shift" accomplishment, CoSort uniquely and affordably positions you for a wide range of big data processing challenges off the mainframe. Through SortCL, CoSort provides robust, data warehouse-oriented data integration (ETL)-related capabilities, embedded BI, field-level data masking, and test data generation. You can control all of these activities in simple 4GL scripts or a free GUI built on Eclipse.

If you are involved in a mainframe migration and require CoSort and related conversion assistance, please contact IRI or Clerity for references and information.