Government, Military & Education


Processing and Protecting Agency Data

The new IRI Voracity data management platform, and its foundational CoSort engine or spin-off products therein, can process, protect, prototype, and present high volumes of transaction data used in government financial, management, and statistical agencies, and in law enforcement, military, and educational institutions (or their contractors) worldwide.


The functional requirements, performance challenges, and compliance goals of these organizations mirror those of the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sector.

Public sector sites and their consultants that have used IRI software to migrate legacy jobs and data, speed DW and BI ops, clean or mask data, and replace costlier tools, include:

·       Alaska Child & Family Services

·       ARSOE (France)

·       Baltimore Schools

·       Broward Community College

·       California Department of Health

·       Defense Info. Svcs. Organization

·       Defense Intelligence Agency

·       Defense Logistics Agency

·       Defense Technical Information Center

·       Department of Energy

·       EDS CalWin

·       FDIC

·       Harris Corporation

·       Health Canada

·       Illinois Department of Public Aid

·       Indianapolis Police Department

·       Industry Canada

·       IONIS

·       Kansas City Police Department

·       Korea Ministry of Health & Welfare

·       Korea Public Procurement Service

·       LADPC

·       Lockheed Martin

·       Los Angeles County

·       Miami-Dade Community College

·       Ministry of Education (Malaysia)

·       Ministry of Finance (Greece)

·       MinTIC (Colombia)

·       Mississippi Department of Human Services

·       NASA

·       National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

·       National Tax Service (Korea)

·       Nevada Comptroller's Office

·       NOAA

·       Northrup Grumman

·       Palm Beach State College

·       Palm Beach Sherrif's Department

·       Pesionisste (Mexico)

·       Polk Community College

·       Servicios Impuestos Internos (Chile)

·       Singapore Ministry of Health Holdings

·       State of New Mexico

·       State of New York

·       State of Washington

·       Statistics Korea

·       Texas Department of Insurance

·       Turkey National Intelligence Organization

·       University of Adelaide

·       UCLA

·       UNISA

·       US Army

·       US Navy

·       Volusia County

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