Database Subsetting


Test with Smaller, Masked Schemas




Database application developers often rely on data in production tables for testing. But there are several drawbacks to that approach, including, the:


  1. confidentiality of data in those tables 
  2. cost of migrating, masking, refreshing, and/or storing replicated databases for testing 
  3. redundancy of production data, which means wasted space and insufficient testing coverage 
  4. need for only small slices of data for specific test cases



In addition to the powerful database parsing, generation, and population capabilities that IRI RowGen provides for synthesizing structurally and referentially correct test tata, you can now also produce (and mask) database subsets.

A powerful Database Subsetting wizard is now available in the IRI Workbench GUI for users of the IRI Voracity platform or IRI Data Protector Suite software (which includes IRI FieldShield and/or RowGen). This ergonomic utility allows you to rapidly create manageable sets of reliable, referentially correct data from production tables, and apply masking and mapping rules at the same time.

Subsetting not only minimizes the risk of PII exposure and privacy law violations, but dramatically lowers the costs of database and application testing infrastructures ... some say as much as $50,000 per database. Learn how to automatically set-up, and create subsetting jobs in Workbench here.