Big Data Packaging

Data Profiling, Acquisition, and Transformation

IRI software has been packaging big data rapidly, reliably, and affordably for decades. Consider CoSort's traditional strength - fast sorting - and how essential that is to so many big data staging processes that also include filtering, joins, and aggregations.


Today, you can leverage the CoSort engine or interchangeable Hadoop engines (MR2, Spark ,Spark Stream, Storm, and Tez) within the IRI Voracity platform for total data management to package data in many ways. Combine, munge, cleanse, mask, and mine structured internal and 'open' sources for analytics, governance, and DevOps.


CoSort and thus Voracity use the same award-winning 4GL (SortCL) and the world's most popular IDE (Eclipse) to speed, simplify and manage these operations:

  • Big Data Integration, including:
    • Data acquisition (extraction), manipulation (transformation), and population (loading)
    • Data cleansing and validation (data quality improvement)
    • Data federation and virtualization
  • Big Data Reporting (embedded BI)
  • Big Data Migration and Replication
  • Big Data Masking & Encryption (see Big Data Protection)
  • Big Test Data Generation (see Big Data Protection)
  • Big Data Wrangling for BI and analytic tools (see Big Data Provisioning)

Most of these activities can be consolidated in just one or few simple flow files or job scripts ... text files you can easily understand, modify, run anywhere, cloud-manage, and re-use.