Energy and Utilities


Manipulating Exploration and Financial Data

Oil and gas companies must process high volumes of resource exploration, power generation and transmission, and product distribution data. Utility companies and retail stores in the supply chain must process and protect financial and marketing data related to billing sales, promotion, transportation, employee pensions, etc.


The IRI Voracity platform and its primary CoSort "SortCL" engine play a primary role in integrating and staging structured sources of energy industry transaction data so it can be organized and fed into OLAP databases, BI tools, and analytic platforms. Data scientists interested in predictive analytics, machine and deep learning, and artificial intelligence in exploration for example, can now feed big, raw data sets wrangled in Voracity directly into KNIME analytic nodes or other data visualization platforms like Spotfire.


There are also challenges related to protecting proprietary formulas, locations, and personally identifiable information (PII) in structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources, as well as in master data management (MDM), because mergers and acquisitions require frequent data, metadata, and application platform standardization. Voracity data masking, metadata, and quality frameworks are designed to address these data stewardship issues, too.

IRI customers in this industry sector include:

· Apave

· Cooper Power

· Enable Midstream

· Epcor

· Exelon

· Kern River Gas

· Korea Electric Power

· Metrogas

· Oncor Electric Delivery

· Portland General Electric

· SaskEnergy

· Schlumberger

· Shell Oil

· Tenneco

· Texas Utilities

· Vale