Universal file editing program for BS2000/OSD.

  • Supports all BS2000/OSD versions
  • Guarantee of upward compatibility
  • Universal elementary functions
  • Various access methods and sentence formats
  • Batch or dialog mode
  • Support for the near and far-end periphery
  • Compatibility to the x-PRESS-compression

Input/output files can have different access methods and record formats:

  • SAM- and ISAM-files are processed record by record,
  • PAM and BTAM files, on the other hand, are processed in blocks
  • Files of any format (e.g. databases) require the provision of data via an ESR-user interface

All common local and remote peripheral devices are supported. Some elementary functions are:

  • Select records according to different search conditions
  • Output selected records to files, lists, or data terminals
  • Report-function
  • Change file properties of the output file compared to the input file as desired
  • Prepare input records field by field (restructure)
  • Control break processing with arithmetic operations
  • Change record contents (update)
  • Duplicating data carriers (magnetic tapes/cassettes)
  • Creation of check numbers (HASH codes) for files
  • Compare files
  • Scrolling through print-formatted files on the data display device
  • Numerous ready-made ESR-exit programs for specific problems
  • View, prepare, print tape files block by block
  • Support of JOB and SDF-P variables
  • Read PAM files and PLAM elements via standard exits
  • 31-bit mode

ESR can run in both batch and dialog mode. The program flow is modified by control instructions.


For further information you can find here a detailed brochure, the links open a PDF-file.


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