Test Data Files & Reports


Produce Safe, Application-Savvy Test Data



You need realistic test files to:

  • develop and stress JCL and COBOL programs on the mainframe
  • build new BI and reporting applications
  • evaluate CRM, ERP, EAI, EII, and other systems
  • prototype ETL operations and bulk load scenarios
  • benchmark new hardware or software platforms


The data you have in production may be inaccessible, restricted by company policy or data privacy laws, or may not even exist. If you have access to test data, it may not reflect the range or volume of data used in the future.


IRI RowGen software creates test data directly in custom and standard file formats:

  • Record, line, or variable sequential
  • CSV and other delimited files
  • Excel (XLS and XLSX, in row or column format)
  • JSON
  • LDIF
  • Structured (flat/fixed-length) text files
  • XML
  • COBOL index (MF-ISAM, Vision)
  • Mainframe blocked
  • Detail/summary reports with custom formatting

RowGen randomly creates field values in more than 100 data types. It can also randomly select data from real datasets, so the test fields can be a mix of artificial and real (but de-identified) data. RowGen also applies intelligent selection and ranging criteria to improve data realism.

Embedded support for standard and complex data transformations, set file (value) lookups, conditional filters, and custom formatting helps RowGen simulate production file and report formats for a variety of applications.