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You need software that can manipulate and mask big data rapidly and ergonomically. You've looked at megavendor stacks, Apache projects, open-source ETL, and custom code, but none deliver speed and ease at reasonable cost.


Since almost 4 decades, we are specialized together with our partner IRI in high-performance data processing technology, which we leverage in industry-leading tools like CoSort and FieldShield. We also combine and expand on them in Voracity, the end-to-end data management platform built on Eclipse, so you can marshall your data without the cost or complexity of multiple tools.

Multiple Solutions. One Pane of Glass.

Discover: Scan and understand your data so you can manage it

Discover Data:





Integrate: Create new ETL jobs, speed existing ones, or leave a pricier tool

Migrate: Convert your data to break free from legacy apps and platforms

Migrate Data:

Data Types




Govern: Improve the quality, security, and lineage of data as you curate it

Govern Data:





Analyze: Culminate your data curation with virtualized views or hand-offs

And More: Manage master and metadata, test data, and legacy sort migrations

I am a ...

Smart Preparation = Superior Information

As a BI Analyst, you need good data to discover business, industry, and market trends. From past patterns to current conditions, the cleaner and crisper your data, the better your results.

Whether you need to cut costs, improve efficiency, or predict the future, fast data wrangling speeds time to insight. Get ready to analyze data that's been properly governed and prepared.

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Proven Performance. Real ROI.

As a Chief Information Officer or IT Manager, you're driving digital transformations and running the technical show supporting them. You know the value of both data and the dollar.

To you, the only thing better than the breadth and depth of our data management solution software is its staggering savings over multiple and mega-vendor alternatives.

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Harden the Target. And Prove It.

As a Compliance Officer, both internal and government data privacy regulations are at issue. As a Chief Information Security Officer, you know it's not just about endpoints, it's about PII itself.

Our proven suite of PII protection software helps you find, classify, mask, block, monitor, test, audit, and measure the re-ID risk of data ... to keep your customers and your company safe.

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Just a Gatekeeper? Be a Guru.

As a Database Administrator, you oversee the integrity, performance, and security of complex relational or NoSQL databases. You control access, data links, utility operations, and more.

Speed E, T & L. Simplify migration and replication. Profile and classify data and then clean, unify, and mask it. Test with smart subsets or synthetic data. DAM/DAP/DDM in high-traffic, too.

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Total Data Management in One Pane of Glass

As a Data Architect, Analyst, or CDO, you care about the integration, exploitation, or governance of data. As a Solution Architect, that all matters as you build and test DW/BI jobs.

As data gets bigger and more varied, and arrives unpredictably or unclean, can you marshall and use it quickly and affordably? Try IRI Voracity in Eclipse™, powered by CoSort or Hadoop.

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When Runtime and Design Time Matter

As a Software Developer, you build applications and solve problems with code and cunning. Like us, your expertise spans and transcends specific languages, libraries, and stacks.

So you know that buying our tools or libraries beats building your own: DB unload or file sort accelerators, field encryption or test data, or custom ETL, Hadoop, IoT, and data wrangling solutions.

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