Database Migration



Move and Map Sources to Targets

In addition to converting data types, record layouts, and file formats, IRI software can help you convert from one database to another. See this list of supported DB (and related) sources.


The free IRI Workbench, built on Eclipse™, is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Graphical User Interface (GUI) for IRI's data management software and DB-connecting technologies.


The Workbench supports:


the use of:

in order to:

DB profiler & E-R diagrammer

find intra- and inter-table patterns, values, statistics, and key relationships within multiple databases


view source and target databases in the IRI Workbench's Data Source Explorer (Data Tools Platform)


move data (dump or select, then create/truncate, append, insert/update) between source and target tables directly

IRI FACT (Fast Extract)

rapidly unload source databases in bulk to the file system for faster data movement and manipulation (interchange)

IRI CoSort

filter, transform, remap, and pre-sort table data for ODBC inserts or bulk loads to new targets

IRI NextForm (DBMS edition)

filter, remap, and populate target tables via ODBC with source table data, create new table DDL, and leverage built in SQL editing and execution in the IRI Workbench to facilitate DB migrations (see how-to example)

IRI FieldShield

discover, filter/subset, mask and populate new target tables via ODBC with source table data protected and transformed at the column level using IRI Workbench wizards, dialogs, and transform mapping diagrams to facilitate secure DB migrations and comply with data privacy laws

IRI RowGen

synthesize new table test data in full or part (subsets) based on the target's DDL information to prototype and capacity-plan migrations to the new database

DB loader configs

facilitate bulk loads into Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Sybase, SQL Server, and Teradata


define new CREATE table programs with keys and other constraints, and edit and run SQL directly in the Workbench, too

stored procedures

use available API-compatible conversion technology from IRI partner AnalytiX DS to auto-engineer legacy SQL programs into Voracity ETL workflows and/or other DBs

Use the facilities in the common IRI Workbench GUI to migrate between databases or versions if you know your source data and target plans. The CoSort and NextForm job wizards and workflows support cross-table rule definition and application to facilitate job design and automate mass remapping.

Leverage IRI professional services or expert partners to help you migrate triggers, stored procedures, and applications. Refer to the database acceleration section for prototyping (DB test data), performance optimization, and column-level security considerations.