IRI NextForm

Convert, Replicate, Federate, and Report

Switch applications, hardware platforms, and database vendors: Replicate, federate, and report


NextForm v3 is the latest data management product supported in Eclipse from IRI, The CoSort Company. Spun from the SortCL program in IRI CoSort, IRI NextForm is data migration and reformatting software that helps you convert and re-use the data stored in legacy and modern databases, index and sequential files, Hadoop, and dark data (unstructured) documents.


Apply and view your data in new ways ... in new files and tables, custom reports, BI tools, virtualized views, and more. NextForm handles data in all of these:

·        CSV

·        Delimited Text

·        Fixed-position Text

·        LDIF

·        Micro Focus Variable Length

·        Micro Focus ISAM¹

·        Line / Record / Variable Sequential

·        Variable Blocked

·        Vision¹

·        VSAM, QSAM, KSAM, C-ISAM²

·        XLS (Excel)

·        XML³

¹ NextForm COBOL edition supports standalone conversion of Micro Focus and Acucobol Vision index files.

² Contact IRI Professional Services for VSAM and related semi-structured data conversion services.

³ Non-UIMA versions require XML data elements to conform to a flattened structure and other restrictions.

  • Oracle
  • DB2 UDB, DB2 on i, z/OS²
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • Sybase
  • Teradata
  • ASN.1 TAP3
  • .DOC, .DOCX
  • .EML, .OST, .PST
  • .PDF, RTF
  • .PPT, .PPTX
  • .TXT, .XML
  • .XLS, .XLSX
  • ASCII (C types)
  • Numerics (All)
  • Endian (Big, Little, BOM)
  • Dates
  • Timestamps
  • Composite
  • Single-Byte
  • Multi-Byte (CJK, Thai)
  • Unicode (UTF-16)
  • Packed Decimal
  • Zoned Decimal

NextForm is the only data migration tool that leverages the power and simplicity of CoSort's high-volume data transformation and definition technologies, along with the familiar ergonomics of Eclipse. NextForm does not require Hadoop, in-memory databases, or expensive hardware to process big data. There are no limits on the number or size of data sources or targets.

NextForm comes in several editions, including a FREE Lite version for converting field data types, record layouts, and many flat-file formats, and for creating basic reports from flat files.

See Technical Details for available NextForm options, and Platforms & Pricing for costs.