NextForm GUI

Inside IRI Workbench, Built on Eclipse™

IRI NextForm® and its Eclipse-based GUI help you:


  • discover data, layouts, and relationships in file, database, and unstructured document sources
  • convert data types, record layouts, file formats, and endian status among flat and MF COBOL index files
  • migrate column data, layouts, and relationships (constraints) between databases
  • structure data you search for in unstructured text files so you can manipulate it
  • replicate, or copy, data from one or more sources to similar or different table or file targets
  • federate, or virtualize, data by producing ad hoc views from disparate sources
  • report on data from one or more sources, or create filtered hand-offs for BI tools

NextForm uses the power of the IRI CoSort Sort Control Language (SortCL) program, and its data definition file (DDF) metadata, to manage these manipulations across a range of platforms and business needs.

Data and job definitions, plus editing and execution, can occur:

  • on the command line
  • within batch scripts
  • inside application programs
  • in SQL procedures (through custom in-situ encryption routines)
  • in IRI Workbench - the GUI for NextForm et al for DBAs and compliance teams


Because NextForm is front-ended in the IRI Workbench, you can create job scripts with:

  • metadata discovery, conversion, and search tools
  • help-enabled job wizards
  • a dynamic job outline linked back to the GUI dialogs

A syntax-aware editor exists for those who prefer scripts for job design and modification.