Plug 'n Play Sort Libraries


CoSort Replaces Third-Party Programs



IRI CoSort users can get access to special libraries that offer faster, plug 'n' play sorting in these environments:

For z/OS MVS and VSE JCL (ICEMAN) sort users, IRI provides automatic sort parm migration utilities. For ICETOOL, IEBGENER and File-AID users, many of the same functions are performed in the CoSort Sort Control Language (SortCL) program.

CoSort can also be used to replace sort and other data transformations that you now run (slower) in JCL, SQL, BI tools, and data warehouse staging (ETL) platforms like:

Automatic metadata conversion is available for source data layouts in DataStage (.dsx) and Informatica (.xml) from erwin Mapping Manager. The Metadata Integration Model Bridge, (MIMB) creates data definition files (.ddf) from many BI, CRM, ETL, and modeling tool data descriptions. In addition to CoSort SortCL programs, these new DDF files can also be used in:

  • IRI NextForm, for data migration, replication, and federation
  • IRI RowGen, for smart, synthetic test data generation
  • IRI FieldShield, for data masking (encryption, pseudonymization, redaction, etc.)