Protect Dark Data: Search & Secure Unstructured Files

New, Affordable Security for Text, PDFs, and More

IRI Data Masking Software in 2018 Market Guide

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Discover, Deliver & Delete PII

Find sensitive data in unstructured sources. Produce the search results and attendant metadata in a structured file for further use while simultaneously redacting the PII to comply with GDPR's data portability and right to be forgotten requirements.
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Local & LAN-Wide Protection

Whether your sensitive information is on your system or throughout your network, DarkShield keeps you safe. The Dark Data Discovery wizard finds PII and other critical information in multiple unstructured files at once.
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Generate Audit-Ready Reports
DarkShield automatically produces search results and associated file attributes in a format and environment ready for analysis and auditing. Use the flat file and metadata to query the log and customize information display for privacy law compliance.
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Currently Supported

*Excel data is masked with IRI CellShield

In Development

We can already find PII in .DOC/.DOCX, .PPT/.PPTX, .OST, and .PST, and are working on automatic remediation in those formats, too.

Next up: OCR/image files, audio/visual, and more... Need a format? Ask us!


  •  Combines PII discovery, extraction, redaction, and reporting in multiple unstructured source formats into one simultaneous, ergonomic operation.

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  • Consolidates multiple right to be forgotten and data portability requests into the same find/fix operation through lookup-file matching.

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  •  Operates in the same Eclipse job design and metadata environment, IRI Workbench, with related data governance and management activities.

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  • Allows pattern definition reuse and combination to consolidate searches.

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  • Supports multiple drives, nodes, and threads.

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  • Features affordable licensing options (standalone, bundled, or in Voracity).

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