Industry-Specific Applications


IRI Data Management and Protection Use Cases

IRI software and solutions are inherently horizontal, or cross-industry by nature!


Domain-centric applications are typically the purview of subject matter experts (consultants) who put our tools to work for their clients.

Software for Data Management

The IRI data management platform Voracity, and its constituent software products like FACT (Fast Extract), CoSort, and NextForm tackle high-volume data warehouse extraction, transformation, loading, and legacy sort and data migration. RowGen creates safe, intelligent test data for databases, files, and reports without requiring production data. Those big data production and development needs exist in every industry. That is why the banking and financial services industry, and BI/DW architects in energy, telco and transportation companies are our most prevalent customers.

Software for Data Protection

IRI data protection software like FieldShield, DarkShield, and CellShield discover, and then mask, encrypt, or otherwise de-identify people and other sensitive data in structured, semi-structured and unstructured sources. These products help mitigate the risks or effects of a data breach, and support compliance with the data privacy regulations applicable to various industries and jurisdictions. Most such customers are in banking or healthcare.

Our professional services division or independent expert partners you already know can help address your data-related challenges using IRI software ... the IT industry's most price-performant technologies with proven methodologies that can meet SLAs today, and will adapt to changing data volume, variety, velocity, or veracity issues tomorrow.