FACT Platforms & Pricing

Proven Yet Affordable Extraction

Platform Availability


IRI FACT unloads data from Altibase, DB2 (UDB), MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, Greenplum, Teradata, and Tibero. FACT runs on AIX, HP-UX (PA-RISC and Itanium), Linux (x86), Solaris (SPARC only), Tru64 Unix, and Windows (2000 and later).


IRI CoSort and its Sort Control Language (SortCL) program for data transformation is also available on these platforms to process FACT-extracted files. The IRI Workbench GUI for FACT supports the design, modification, sharing, and execution of FACT, CoSort, and all other IRI software products, including DB reorgs and data warehouse operations employment both FACT and CoSort in unload/sort and extract/transform (Voracity ETL) combinations.

Licensing and Support

FACT v3.x license fees, which range from 5.000€ to 90.000€, cover perpetual use and depend on the number of CPUs or cores (threads) you wish to license and whether you run x86 Linux or another flavor of Unix. Pricing for the older v2 version is still in effect for Windows SQL Server users. FACT copies can be licensed alone, or in discounted conjunction with anotther product in the IRI Data Manager suite (CoSort for offline reorg/load acceleration or NextForm for VLDB migration), or the IRI Voracity DW ETL platform.

There is no charge for the IRI Workbench GUI for FACT, built on Eclipse™. 

Annual maintenance charges for FACT, which is an optional coverage for technical support and software upgrades, are 20% of the base license fee, or 15% with another IRI product license on the same platform.