CoSort GUI

Inside IRI Workbench, Built on Eclipse™

IRI CoSort® package users get free access to a powerful graphical user interface (GUI) for SortCL job design, execution, deployment, and management called IRI Workbench.


The IRI Workbench is a plug-in to the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that connects to, profiles, and works with the metadata in multiple data sources.

SortCL uses simple metadata to define the layouts (DDL) and manipulations (DML) of structured data sources (tables and files). With or without the GUI, SortCL users can perform, and combine:

The IRI Workbench provides several new functional and ergonomic features for CoSort SortCL job development, execution, and management as discussed in this section and, generally, here.

The IRI Workbench GUI also supports: