FieldShield GUI

Inside IRI Workbench, Built on Eclipse™

IRI FieldShield® is the compliance industry's most robust data encryption and masking tool for personally identifiable information (PII) in structured and semi-structured sources.


FieldShield secures data in relational database tables at the column level and in flat files at the field level. FieldShield combines the power of the IRI CoSort Sort Control Language (SortCL) program (and its popular data definition file (DDF) metadata format) with the familiarity and flexibility of Eclipse for graphical job design, to help you manage PII protections across a range of platforms and business needs.


FieldShield data and job definitions, plus editing and execution, can occur:

  • in the command line
  • within batch scripts
  • inside programs or SQL (via SDK)
  • in IRI Workbench, a powerful GUI built on Eclipse™ for DBAs and compliance teams


Because FieldShield is front-ended in IRI Workbench, you can create jobs with:

  • metadata discovery, conversion, and search
  • help-enabled script generation wizards
  • a dynamic ob outline linked to GUI dialogs


A syntax-aware editor exists for those who prefer 4GL scripting for job specification and modification.


If you are using FieldShield as part of an IRI Voracity platform license, IRI will also support your use of workflow and transform mapping diagrams, or FieldShield jobs generated by AnalytiX DS Mapping Manager.