The IRI Workbench GUI

Add Value with Free and Commercial Eclipse Extensions

One of the most powerful aspects of the IRI Workbench GUI is that it is "built on Eclipse"™


The Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) gives IRI product users:

  • A familiar, common GUI, and a shared metadata, job, and workflow management system
  • The power to combine products in purpose-driven ways (e.g., the offline reorg wizard)
  • Direct data browsing and movement for local and remote files and DBs, plus HDFS
  • Ergonomic features like perspective control and text search (e.g., for metadata impact analysis)
  • Plug-in interactions for BI/analytics (e.g., BIRT and KNIME), metadata management, data modeling, etc.
  • Access to Hadoop (HDFS), mainframe, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources
  • The opportunity to use Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) modules from providers like WSO2

So many possibilities!

For example, the Eclipse data tools platform (DTP) plug-in gives IRI software users the ability to browse and edit their source and target databases as they:

In the same GUI, the results of Voracity, CoSort, and other IRI jobs can feed advanced data visualization plug-ins like BIRT:

For more information about fast data preparation and direct presentation in BIRT, see details here.

There are many other third-party plug-ins for Eclipse, both free and commercial, that you can use in IRI Workbench, see details here.

 Contact us to discuss other integration possibilities you have in mind.