Why Voracity Is Better

Consider Key Advantages and Differentiators

Learn why IRI Voracity® is a better choice for manipulating and managing enterprise data than legacy ETL stacks, specialty software products, and complex Apache® projects.


As with its constituent tools for data discovery, BI/DW operations, big data processing, data and database migration, data cleansing, data masking, and test data generation, IRI Voracity as an end-to-end platform itself also competes compellingly across speed, ease, versatility, and value metrics. Read, and then click each box for more detail.


Voracity has the best E, T, and L performance without Hadoop (thanks to CoSort), plus seamless Hadoop options for unlimited scalability.


Voracity uses a simple, open 4GL metadata and familiar Eclipse GUI for everything, and includes more job design options than any other tool.

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Voracity combines data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytic functionality for data -- big and small, static and streaming, structured and not -- so that IT architects, business users, and governance teams can resolve their data-driven use cases together and adapt to change.

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Voracity unifies data and enterprise information management, delivers what DW/BI and GRC users want, and bends big data's cost-benefit curve in your favor.

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